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How the internet supports creativity:
The final chapter proposes to reflect upon the consequences of this study in terms of the opportunities provided by the internet as described in the first chapter. By looking back on our research on user generated content, we will provide insight on how the internet is affecting the design process. Moreover, we will discuss how this broader perspective on user participation can influence the role of the designer. Lastly, we will provide insight into how this relationship between users and designers is changing the way we perceive the very activity of design.


How the internet supports creativity:
In the fourth chapter we will answer the research questions by comparing and contrasting the results obtained in our field research. The foundations that we have established in chapter 2 will create a base for interpreting the role each variable in our results. Finally, we will propose ways to use this information in researching for design.


How the internet supports creativity:
The objective of the third chapter is to present our methodology. We will begin by addressing this complex design problem of using the multiple points of view provided in user generated content. Afterwards, we will review the beginning of participatory design and how its methodologies have been developed in other fields. Inspired by participatory design methods, we will propose a methodology for the purposes of answering the two founding questions that shape this research.


How the internet supports creativity: To answer this research question, the second chapter will build the theoretical foundations in design with which we will conduct this study. Precisely, we will describe the design process and the problem, creative and solution spaces as well as describing research for design with the relationships between user, object and context. Also, we will distinguish products, systems and services as three different design outputs.


How the internet supports creativity:
In the first chapter, we will continue on researching how the internet has been breading change through the lens of the field of complexity. We will reveal how complexity and constructivism has strongly influenced the foundations of our own research. With this approach, we will revisit the phenomenon leading our initial research question on user generated content in design.


How can participation integrate the design process?
How does participatory design leading to democratizing the design process?
How can participative design generate ideas?
What is the relationship between the designers and the participative users?
Is the internet an innovative playground?


What is complexity?
How does complexity meet design?
How did design methodology evolve?
How can complex design processes take place?
How did participatory design begin?


Crowdsourcing Creativity : Paticipatory design over the internet.
Design Practices and Principles Conference a the Imperial College of London.


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